Business Immigration

Supporting the Success of Your Business

Immigrants contribute to both growth and innovation in the U.S. economy, but the arrival process can be full of 

complicated legal requirements and difficult government bureaucracy. When you are looking to engage the best available workforce, it is essential that you work with a California immigration law firm that will provide you with efficient and qualified legal representation.

Karlin & Karlin has years of experience in assisting businesses of all sizes from thriving startups to multinational corporations with their employment-based immigration needs. Our clientele comes from a broad range of industries, including:

  • Banking and financial services
  • Advertising and the media
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Health care
  • Technology

We represent you and your foreign national employees at all stages of the immigration process. We will help you transfer key employees, managers, and executives to the U.S., where they can contribute to the success of your company. We also represent individuals who have specialized skills and extraordinary abilities, and wish to use both to benefit the U.S. economy.

Let us get to know your business and enable you to hire and retain the best talent from across the globe. We have the experience and sophistication to handle your greatest immigration challenges while remaining cost-effective enough to support your ongoing business immigration needs. To schedule a consultation, please contact Karlin & Karlin, APLC, at any time.